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Happy pregnant Asian woman eating healthy to support her chances of getting pregnant

Maximise Your Chances of Getting Pregnant Naturally


  • Are you tired of getting your period month after month?

  • Or are you sick of scrolling through websites in search of answers?

  • Are you thinking about giving up your dream of having a baby?

If this sounds like you, I’m here to help, with an easy and clear approach to natural conception

The Natural Fertility Program©is ideal if you...

  • are between the ages of 20 – 42, who have been trying for some time to conceive, without success

  • have been trying to conceive for some time but it is not happening

  • have been told to have 'unexplained infertility', ovulation issues, PCOS, endometriosis, irregular periods 

  • want to boost your chances of IVF success

  • It is also for women who are not actively trying to get pregnant but would like to prepare their bodies for pregnancy using a holistic and natural approach

  • want a thorough approach to natural fertility, with one-on-one support 

  • want to boost your chances of success

  • want to cut through the confusion and misinformation about fertility with a proven, easy-to-follow program to help you get pregnant as fast as possible

Enhance your chances of conception naturally

The internationally recognised Liz Lalor Program© is a natural approach to boosting fertility and enhancing your chances of falling pregnant. It is used in Australia and overseas. This multifaceted approach uses natural methods that work synergistically to optimise your ability to conceive.

pregnant couple with positive pregnancy test

I am privileged to belong to a worldwide circle of homoeopaths trained directly by Liz Lalor, which enables me to offer this wonderful program to couples struggling with infertility. I am extremely grateful for her ongoing support and training. 

The Liz Lalor Program©

The  Fertility Program© supports fertility by: 

  • using a series of homeopathic medicines at different times
    of the menstrual cycle

  • Evidence-based Fertility Awareness Education to identify your most fertile days, and any hormonal imbalances so you know the correct timing for intercourse 

  • Cycle charting and interpretation, identify your unique cycle pattern

  • supporting you to make healthy lifestyle changes that
    maximise fertility

  • providing recommendations on fertility, nutrition, and

  • regular, one-on-one support to help you achieve your goals.

This approach optimises your chances to conceive

Developed by Melbourne homeopath Liz Lalor, her Fertility Program©has an 87% success rate within four cycles. Her statistics show that more than 50% of couples fall pregnant in two cycles. Of the remaining couples who don’t conceive naturally, the majority will conceive with IVF.

Liz has worked with over 400 couples in her practice, resulting in 417 babies born in perfect health (and 52 women did not conceive). She worked with couples with fertility problems related to long-term oral contraceptive use, polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS), endometriosis, recurrent miscarriages, and other fertility challenges.

The Benefits of The Natural Fertility Program©

  • An established method based on the Liz Lalor Fertility Program©

  • Easy, practical steps to get you on track to conceive

  • A series of six to eight homeopathic medicines to use at specific times throughout your cycle

  • Evidence-based Fertility Awareness Education to identify your most fertile days, so you know the best timing for intercourse

  • Cycle charting and interpretation, Identify your unique cycle pattern

  • A personalised fertility-boosting diet and lifestyle plan that’s easy to implement into everyday life (and will help you stay in good health beyond your baby-bearing years!)

  • Evidence-based, experienced support from a trained teacher in natural fertility and a registered fertility focussed homeopath

  • The opportunity to work with someone who understands the anxiety and emotional roller coaster associated with fertility issues

  • Guidance and coaching with a dash of TLC. You are not alone! I’m available to support you via email and phone between our monthly consultations.


Positive Pregnancy test, celebrate getting pregnant naturally

'The best part of my work is discovering my clients are pregnant. Nothing is more uplifting and satisfying than hearing this news.'

diary, pens how theprogram works

How the Program works

Over the four to (six-month) program, we’ll work together to get you and your partner in peak condition for conception. Research shows that what you’re doing now – like what you’re eating and drinking, how much sleep and exercise you’re getting, and how much stress you’re under – affects your eggs and sperm quality in four months’ time.

To maximise your chances of falling pregnant, it’s crucial to commit to the program for four, preferably six, months.

Appointments are online via ZOOM, an easy, convenient way to meet from the comfort of your home. 

  • Is the Program for women only?
    To add a The Naturl Fertility Program is designed to prepare your body to conceive in a gentle and natural way . If your partner has a fertility issue I can address this with the 'The Male Fertility Program' which includes homoeopathic remedy, simple diet and lifstyle tweaks and nutritional supplements if needed. The Male Fertility Program is not included in the costs. Please click here for Male Fertility Program.
  • Why do you recomment to stay with the program for 4 month?
    This program helps to improve your fertility naturally with homeopathic remedies, fertility awareness, diet & lifestyle and nutritional supplements if needed. This will help you get your eggs, sperm and overall health baby ready to help you maximise your chances of getting pregnant naturally or using IVF. I recommend that you stay on the program for 3-6 months,we know it takes around 4 months for healthy new eggs and sperm to develop, this gives us time to work on any health issues to increase your chances on having a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  • Is the program natural?
    Yes, the program is completely natural. There are no artificial hormones involved. This program will stimulate and balance your own hormone production. It involves homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, and an eating plan based on your fertility challenges.
  • Can I use IVF at the same time?
    Yes, you can. The IVF Support Program is designed to optimise your chances of success with IVF and takes four to six months. Over this time, we'll meet regularly to help ensure you are in the best condition for conception.​The healthy lifestyle changes and homeopathic remedies support the health of your reproductive system prior to conception, help to ensure you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy, and have plenty of energy after baby arrives!
  • Do I need Bloodtests done?
    That depends what your situation is like. Most likely you will have done a number of tests already and we'll discuss them during our session. If you have any copies of your test results I would like to have a look at them. Don't worry if you don't have any tests done or copies of the results.

Kind Words From Happy Clients

"No one can ever prepare you physically and mentally for the infertility journey. After multiple rounds of IVF, various fertility drugs, and endless tests, my husband and I were told we were in perfect health, which caused immense frustration because of the lack of answers and direction. We felt helpless and eventually came to the realisation that having a baby was just not meant to be for us. 

A few months ago, a friend referred me to Leah and told me all about her work in relation to natural fertility and homoeopathy. I gave Leah a call, and from the get-go, she was a dream to work with. During our first appointment, she was attentive, caring, extremely knowledgeable, and very thorough in her questions. She explained to me in detail the work she does and in no way promised miracles but promised to help me as much as she could.

After taking her remedies and meticulously following her instructions, much to our shock and utter disbelief, we are thrilled to announce I am pregnant! I still can't believe it....

Leah, I honestly never believed this could happen to us. You have left us elated and speechless at this wonderful news! You are a gem and fantastic at what you do. I only wish I had found you from the very beginning. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Leah to help you in your fertility journey. She is a wonderful lady to work with, easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable. 

Leah, thank you for your care and support and help. We appreciate it more than words can express."

R.W & W.N

A few things to keep in mind...

IVF Support

The Natural Fertility Program©is also an ideal preparation for IVF. My clinical experience has shown it improves outcomes during an IVF cycle. For best results, couples are recommended to do at least two to three cycles on the Natural Fertility Program prior to starting IVF.


The program is not suitable for women breastfeeding,  with no viable eggs or men who do not produce any sperm (azoospermia). The program has limited success in women over the age of 42.

If the program has not achieved a pregnancy within 4-6 cycles (or 8-9 cycles if you only have one fallopian tube) then it is highly unlikely that it will work and you may want to consider IVF if time is an issue.

My Philosophy

As a qualified, experienced health professional, I take an integrative and holistic approach to client care. Your best interests are my priority. With your permission, I will refer you to other therapists/medical practitioners if needed to ensure you receive the best possible care. 

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Committed to getting pregnant but want to know a bit more first? Find out if the Natural Fertility Program is right for you. 

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