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Happy Dad with baby. Natural Fertility Australia's male fertility support will improve your chances of conceiving naturally

Male Fertility and How to Improve Sperm Quality


While many articles and studies regarding infertility focus on women, there is often less attention paid to men, who may have low sperm counts or nonviable sperm or other health issues that may decrease healthy fertility. Men may also suffer the same emotional distress and pain upon learning they are not able to have children. Homeopathy can support reproductive health with a variety of homeopathic medicines.

Have you had a semen analysis done and found out that there is a problem with your sperm? Have you been told IVF is the only option? More often than not sperm can be improved naturally for a successful pregnancy.

How I help

We will look at your lifestyle and diet and recommend some changes if required. These changes can have a huge effect on sperm. I will provide you with homeopathic medicines to help improve sperm quality and work around your diet & lifestyle and support you so that this treatment can be implemented with ease.

Patient Couple Having a consultation

Together we will:

  • Discuss & address your unique situation and the options available

  • Create your personal Fertility Program

  • Put support strategies into place

How the Male Fertility Program works:

Initial Online Consultation 1.5hrs
  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations when indicated to boost your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving

Follow-up Consultation 
  • Email & Phone Support to help you make those changes

  • Address any fears, hopes, and emotional issues you feel

Who is the Program for?


  • You had a semen analysis done and were not sure or told something is not right

  • You have an average or below-average semen analysis

  • You prefer a natural approach to fertility

  • You have other health issues that affect your sperm quality

  • You are looking for a cheaper alternative to IVF

  • You want to take control over your health and fertility into your own hands & be proactive

Male fertility support to help couples conceive

A word about Semen Analysis

The result of the semen analysis can be very confusing to couples. The current guidelines set out by WHO (World Health Organisation) show the lowest 5 percentile as normal. For example, sperm motility is considered normal if it is above 40% meaning that at least 40% of sperm are moving. This is usually stated in the semen analysis. So if you are in the lowest 5 percentile, 40% of your sperm are moving and you are good to go.

We don’t believe that the lowest 5 percentile will give you the best chance for fertility. According to WHO the average motility is 61%. So your aim should be to get close to average and not just the lowest 5%.

It’s also interesting to note, that according to WHO’s manual, published in 1980, the recommendation for motility was >60%, then it was reduced in 1999 to >50% and the most recent update to >40%. This shows the decline in sperm quality over the years and what is considered normal now, was far from normal in 1980.

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